3D Designer & Illustrator

Joshua Masse

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What We Do at C27

We use 3D art and graphics to help drive the success of projects.



What makes us different

  • We have capabilities to produce work in 2D or 3D mediums ranging from stylized graphics to photorealistic imagery.
  • We work along side you to produce the final results you are expecting.
  • We can create and transfer proof of ownership through cryptography on any graphic or digital asset we create for you.


Finished projects


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Happy Clients
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First project with us?

The whole point of visualizing a project in 3D is so you or your clients don’t have to worry. So it wouldn’t make sense for us to ask you to work with us, without eliminating that worry for you!

We are offering our new clients for their initial project with us, a risk-free, money back guarantee. If you choose to work with us, we want to to prove to you that we are a partner you can trust. 

For all new clients, the first initial project we work on together will be deemed ‘risk-free’, meaning that you will only pay us at the end of the project if you are happy with our work.

If at the end of the project you are not happy, you do not pay us any money. We will shake hands and walk away.

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