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3D Rendering & Visualization

Feel confident in your projects and investments.

3D rendering is the process of creating something in 3D space and outputting it in an image or video format. 3D visualization is typically used to envision a project before it’s physically made or as an alternative to on-site photography/videography.

At C27, 3D offers us the versatility to be able to replicate real life or near impossible scenarios, in photo-realistic quality. We use 3D rendering to visualize your important investments so you can sleep well at night knowing exactly what everything is going to look like.

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Why 3D Visualization?

Landscape Rendering
Product Rendering
Retail/Store Front
New Builds
3D Floor Plans


Investment Reassurance

Avoid buyers remorse in your clients by showing them that they can feel comfortable in trusting you to give them exactly what they’re looking for. You do this by showing them exactly what everything is going to look like before hand. No surprises. Full transparency. Your clients will appreciate you for it.

Have you ever bought something really expensive and then had that little feeling of worry that it wasn’t going to turn out the way you expect it to? 3D renderings field most of the questions and relieve the concerns that your clients may have during a project.


Get That Image Out Of Your Head

3D rendering exists to create what cannot be created in real life. Imagine designing a beautiful house but the only way to sell it was to build it and photograph it. Imagine trying to stage an interior with dozens of lighting variations and furniture combinations.

3D Rendering allows you to see your dreams come to life and make the important changes before the expensive stuff begins.


Relieve Confusion

Now a days, miscommunication usually comes along with the line “I didn’t know that is what you meant.”

Projects are typically well planned but it is hard for 2 parties to get on the same page when the visuals are left up to the imagination. Everyone’s brain works different. When a visual can be analyzed, adjusted and agreed upon, is when a project can really succeed.

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Highlights of working with C27.

Field experience in multiple construction related industries.

Streamlined and collaborative process to make your life easier.

Free estimates and transparent pricing models.

Quick turnaround and cost effective options.

Multiple rendering styles. From 2D to photo-realistic.

Fully collaborative process.

We are a remote, independently owned and Canadian business.

More of a personal relationship compared to contracting services overseas.

Flexible Render Styles

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Every project is different and has individual needs but these are the basic phases we go through in our projects. 

Clients also have the opportunity to review the work in progress at the end of each phase.



We take the time to fully understand your project and how we can help. We look at your plans, drawings, concepts, etc and we create a brief based on the information you submit to us. Then we have you approve it before we get started on the project.

We have also developed a streamlined submission process for those tight deadline projects.


3D Modeling

We collect all the 3D assets for the project by either creating custom models, purchasing models from online or using models supplied by the client based on the project needs.



Texturing the models is the process of adding the materials or “finished look” to the 3D model. This is generally the most crucial phase when trying to achieve photo realism. We use high quality textures that match your references and specifications.


Scene Development

Once all the assets are ready and approved, we use them to create a scene including cameras, lighting, landscape, agriculture and accessories.



Finally we render and send to post-production for final adjustments. Once the final draft is approved, we deliver all final files to you through a secure Dropbox link.