Calgary Airport Authority – YYC

Retail store front 3D visualization renderings for an upcoming retail expansion project at the Calgary Airport. The renderings are being used during the planning phase of the project to conduct a guest preference survey.

It was our job to take all the client concepts are bring them all to one consistent and generic visual aesthetic. This was because some clients had high end 3D renderings of their concept. Some clients had a screenshot from a cell phone photo. The airport didn’t want the survey to be altered based on the quality of submission the client could provide. Not everyone has access to a 3D designer right? Actually, they do.

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Project Summary

3D renderings for retail store front concepts.



This project was not originally ours. The airport had a 3D designer lined up who ended up not being able to complete the project. So, we took on the project but the airport needed us to have it complete by the original deadline and budget.

We had to work directly with each client, all 24 different brands and their design teams, while coordinating 24 cooresponding projects which included multiple renders for locations for each client. All within 5 weeks. Project management and staying organized was crucial.



There was 11 locations in total and we worked tirelessly to model out each location in the airport and then had to dress each set with the clients retail store concept. These clients ranged from fast food to golf accessories so we had be flexible and adjust for each client. Some clients had 1 concept in 2 locations. Some had 2 concepts in 4 locations. Some had 11 concepts in 11 locations.

We created an online submission form for each client to submit their concepts which saved us a lot of time. We were able to complete a rough project outline based on the each of the clients notes before we spoke to them which helped the project run very effectively.



We were able to complete all client renders in time for submission to the airport to be considered in the survey. We worked with each client individually to meet all their specifications while maintaining the airports requirements for the research survey.

fast food restaurant 3d rendering interior
bar room 3d rendering
store front retail 3d rendering interior
restaurant concept 3d rendering interior
restaurant 3d rendering interior 2
restaurant 3d rendering interior
store front 3d rendering interior
retail store front rendering 1

69 Renders in 5 weeks

By the end of it we ended up completing 69 renders for 24 clients in just under 5 weeks. It was a lot in a little time but it was a great learning experience and has helped shape us into the business we are today and see what we are capable is a short time frame. To see the full collection of renders click below.

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